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what is the one foundation?

The Bobelo One™ program is the lifestyle and culture portion of our brand. We believe that our beverage company can do more than just provide tasty, healthy hydration. Our entire approach to our product design was born from the understanding that change is required in the way we consume beverages and the negative impacts of waste and pollution.

We also wanted to be better at offering a beverage that is cleaner and healthier than what is currently on the market today. In short, we founded Bobelo on ideals of being better and doing good. Good for the individual and good for the planet. But we didn’t stop there…


We want to unite the world, starting in the places we do business! People spend about half of their lives engaged in some form of work. People don’t often really take the time to get to know each other in these environments. As a result employers expend lots of resources in efforts to build positive and engaging work cultures. We believe we can do better by offering a simple program where individuals are actively engaged in making a simple difference; one person and one moment at a time.

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Our Foundation Sphere


We focus on the brain because the brain is the powerhouse of your being. The Bobelo One Foundation focuses on improving mental health, alleviating anxiety and depression through educating people on better nutrition and the effects of unhealthy environments on their mental health.  We also aim to improve connection, community, and bring joy to other suffering around the world.


We focus on the body because the body is the frame of your being.  While Bobelo’s (our for-profit partner) products are full of nutrients, the Bobelo One Foundation focuses on communities of people who are suffering from the effects of diseases or malnutrition brought on by unhealthy food and beverage options being so prevalent, inexpensive and marketed endlessly.


We focus on the biome because the biome is the skeleton of your being. Nothing exists without a healthy environment to live in.  Bobelo was founded on the idea of reducing single-use beverage bottles/cans so there is less plastic pollution and waste from damaging effects of mining for aluminum.  The Bobelo One Foundation funds or volunteers time doing environmental clean-ups, helping communities access clean water, and many other things to stop the use and abuse of plastic waste and improve the biome’s where we all live and play.

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